Weddings and Video Games, an Unlikely Match

Video games and weddings: two wonderful things that are not often thought of together. However, there are many great reasons to include some form of interactive entertainment as part of a perfect wedding. Whether you are a serious gamer whose wedding wouldn’t be complete without your favorite childhood arcade games, or just a member of a family with unruly children you are looking to distract, there are all sorts of options out there to satisfy your needs.

Wrangling Unruly Kids

There are entire websites (or at least parts of them) dedicated to discussing how unruly children ruined their wedding day. For many people, they couldn’t imagine their wedding day without seeing their favorite little nephews, nieces, and other favorite kiddos. For others though, kids are just too unpredictable on a day in which everything has been meticulously planned for so long. One solution is to simply not invite any children to the wedding. However, when family politics and other issues prevent that, the alternative is to create a room so fun that they will have no choice but to leave the main reception area for the grownups. This is where setting up a fun mini-arcade can be a perfect option. Be sure to find out the favorite games of the children most likely to cause a stir and have them on hand the night of the ceremony.

80’s Themed Wedding

Are you still preoccupied with 1985? Do you long for the days of Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Rubik’s Cubes, and leg warmers? Then why not celebrate your love for all things 80s on your wedding day? Have an 80’s cover band, take decorating notes from the Wedding Singer, and of course add in some iconic arcade games from the 80s such as Pac Man, Galaga, and Dig Dug. The arcade games work great if you have a cocktail hour in a separate room from the main reception room as well. This could then double as the kids’ area after everyone else moves inside.

Alternative Entertainment

Perhaps you’re the type of person that can’t seem to bring themselves to dance unless following the lead of a digital helper. Or maybe you just want some extra entertainment options available for your guests. In any case, a prominently featured game area at a reception will certainly be something that your guests will remember.
No matter what your individual tastes, or goals in planning your wedding, video games can easily be incorporated. The important thing to remember is to have fun with it.

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