About Us

Michael and Sara Dodd, founders of Game Plan Entertainment, wanted to create a company that offered a unique, fun, and interactive gaming experience for people of all ages. It all started in Houston of May 2010, when Michael’s love for gaming led to the idea of renting out video game stations and interactive gaming for parties and events. This began as a side business as Michael worked as a mechanical engineer. Classic Arcade games were soon added to the mix for off-site events, and from there the company began to grow.

Sara jumped  on board from the beginning and uses her experience as an elementary school teacher to interact with kids (and adults) at various events, coaching them on how to play the games, and making sure everyone is having fun. She enjoys the interactions and connections made with all of the different types of people from the various events.

When the headquarters was moved back to Austin, a private arcade space was added to their offerings, which was open for a little over 6 years and hosted tons of amazing parties. Unfortunately, the steady increase of rent finally forced a move to a new warehouse space that while providing many great benefits and increased storage capacity, does not allow for onsite events.

Game Plan Entertainment’s goal is to create a one-of-a-kind, memorable gaming experience with customer satisfaction as their #1 priority.  Come see how this company can help with your next event or celebration!

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