A Few Thoughts on the Wii U

It has been more than half a decade since a major new video game system has been introduced. While the Kinect and Playstation Move are much newer, they are really more tweaks to the existing consoles than they are a new system. This adds up to a lot of pent up anticipation regarding what will … Read more

The Gamer Stigma

Even as the number of adult gamers continues to climb, there still exists a certain stigma associated with choosing to spend your free time engaged in a great video game. While I was listening to sports radio the other day in Houston, one of the hosts launched into a tirade against gamers asking “when did … Read more

Kinect Fun Labs Initial Thoughts

Both of these gadgets focus on the Kinect’s ability to utilize 3D pictures of the users. Kinect Me takes a couple of pictures of the player and creates an avatar (basically a 3D cartoon character) of them that can then be played around with. The new avatar will mirror the player’s movements in real time. … Read more

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