Lawn Game Rentals

Yard game rentals are a great way to make the most out of any outdoor space. We have a variety of lawn games available to fit any sized outdoor space and any type of party. Many of our yard games are also safe for use in indoor venues as well. All of our rentals include delivery, setup, and pick up in the Austin area (with minimum order amount which varies by day and location).

Yard Game Rental Packages

Build your own package above or choose from our curated packages.

*Our ultimate yard game birthday package is designed as a front door delivery and pick up option (do-it-yourself setup). All other packages include setup in pricing.

Add a Table Game

Weather permitting and depending on the location, non-powered table games can also be utilized for outdoor events. Certain restrictions and requirements apply.

How to Best Utilize Lawn Games at your Next Party or Event

When adding games to your event, there are several factors to consider before booking. If you are unsure as to which yard or oversized games would work best for your event, feel free to reach out to us directly with any questions. We have also put together this handy guide with suggestions based on the many events we have done over the years.

The Venue

The most important factor in deciding which games are the best choice for your party is the venue you will be placing them. Many of our games require large open spaces and can even be damaging if used improperly in the wrong space (most venues would not be too happy to see you leave a bocce ball sized divot in their wood floors). That being said, most of our inventory can be used in both indoor and outdoor event venues.

Outdoor Event Venues

As you might expect, outdoor venues tend to be the most popular locations in which to rent yard games. However, each venue provides unique challenges. For example, in addition to paying attention to our minimum space recommendations found in each of our game description pages, be sure to make note of any slope, or other potential complicating factors. Our putt putt course and table games require a flat area in which to be placed. Other games tend to be more forgiving, however, flatter is generally better for just about any game.

Indoor Event Venues

Want the best of both worlds? Why not add outdoor games to an indoor event. Most of our inventory work well for indoor events, however, there are some additional considerations to account for. Bocce ball for example, should not be played indoors with a traditional game set. The balls are heavy enough to damage floors and walls if thrown improperly. Falling giant Jenga pieces can also potentially leave dents in furniture and floors. In any case, it’s always best to double check with the venue prior to booking any games.

Home Events

Hosting a party at your own home is often the best way to maximize your party budget. Back yards are also the perfect place for all manor of fun lawn games. If you are leaving games out overnight, just be sure to turn off your sprinklers ahead of time so as not to soak everything.

Who's Attending?

When deciding which yard games to rent for your event, the guests attending should obviously be central focus. While all of our rental items are able to be played by both children and adults, some are tailored more for a more mature audience. For example, while the actual mechanics of a game of beer pong are innocent enough (when played with water), it might not be the best choice for a 6 year old’s birthday party.

Adult Parties

Company parties and events primarily for adults are perfect for all of our outdoor game options. If you are serving alcohol, try to keep in mind which games can be played while holding a drink in one hand. Some games, such as bottle bash, actually require players to keep a drink in one hand throughout the game.

Kids Parties

Birthday parties and other celebrations for kids can vary wildly based on the age of the children. Similar to adults after consuming alcohol, children hopped up on sugar can often be a danger to themselves and those around them. Keeping that in mind, be aware that cornhole bags can easily be turned into weapons by kids no longer interested in playing the game correctly. 
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