Kinect Fun Labs Initial Thoughts

At this year’s E3 conference, Microsoft unveiled its newest addition to the Kinect lineup: Kinect Fun Labs. The contents of the labs are more of a demonstration of the Kinect’s abilities rather than actual games. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a lot of potential for fun. So far there are a total of 4 gadgets available, 2 that focus on the Kinect’s people scanning ability and 2 that focus on its object scanning ability. There are many different possible applications in the event world for the technology on display.

Bobble Head and Connect Me


Both of these gadgets focus on the Kinect’s ability to utilize 3D pictures of the users. Kinect Me takes a couple of pictures of the player and creates an avatar (basically a 3D cartoon character) of them that can then be played around with. The new avatar will mirror the player’s movements in real time. Bobble head is similar, though it creates a digital bobble head rather than a correctly proportioned avatar.

While neither of these gadgets can really be considered a game, they could prove to be fun at an event. The characters that are created can really be thought of as digital caricatures. I could definitely see this being a fun activity for a group of people to enjoy as many of the creations would be hilarious to the group.

Googly Eyes and Build a Buddy


Each of these gadgets utilizes the Kinect’s 3D object scanning abilities by taking pictures of each side of a given object. Googly Eyes uses the images to create a googly-eyed mascot of whatever object you scanned in. The user can then control the new mascot and even record a short skit with it. Build a Buddy takes the same 3D image and allows you to choose a personality for it which it then uses to create a character based on your choices.

During an event, fun props could be provided along with these Kinect games in order to create some outlandish characters. You could even create a contest in which people had to create an original character from the props, scan their character into the game, and create a quick sketch. At the end of the night the sketches could all be shown and the favorites voted on with a prize for the winning bit.

There many other potential possibilities for utilizing this technology in events. These are just a few of my initial thoughts on how I think it could be used.