How to Throw the Ultimate Minecraft Party

Minecraft has exploded recently to cross the realm from cult hit to worldwide phenomenon. From an outsiders’ perspective looking in, the game’s success seems a little puzzling. How can an indie game with such basic graphics succeed in a world full of HD graphics and $100 million budgets? In preparing for this article I put in quite a few hours of gameplay.  Though I didn’t get sucked in the way most of the kids that come through, I do have a much better appreciation for what the game offers and why it brings them so much enjoyment.

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a couple of awesome Minecraft themed birthday parties at our arcade and I thought I would share some of the great decorating ideas that were utilized as well as a few others I have thought of or found since.


Cube/square shaped food is the name of the game here. Anything that can easily be cut into stable cube shapes will work well for this. Rice Crispy Treats are a great option for making a variety of different elements in the game. Brownies, or cake cut into cubes makes great dirt and you can add green icing for a little grass on top as well.  One mom even made water cubes out of blue Jello Jigglers.