Kan Jam


Kan Jam is a wildly popular and relatively new outdoor party game. It bills itself as being in the same family as ultimate frisbee, frisbee golf, and cornhole.

How to play Kan Jam

  • Place the cans 50ft apart (or closer for beginners/younger players)
  • Games require 4 players (2 teams of 2)
  • To win a game of Kan Jam, a team has to either score exactly 21 points, or score an instant win.
  • Teams alternate plays with one player located at each can.
  • The non-throwing player can make one hit (similar to volleyball) in order to try and deflect the disc into the top of the can.
  • Players are not allowed to double hit, catch, or carry an incoming disc.
  • Players must stay completely behind the cans when throwing.
  • If the opposite team interferes with a throw, the throwing team receives 3 points (unless they are currently at 19 or 20 points, in which case they win).
  • If the deflector is able to knock the disc into the side of the can, this is called a “dinger” and 1 point is awarded.
  • If the thrower hits the can without the deflector touching it, then 2 points are awarded (called a deuce).
  • If the deflector redirects the disc into the top of the can, then 3 points are awarded (called a bucket).
  • If a player throws the disc through the slot on the front, or the whole in the top, (with no interference), their team wins instantly.
  • The first team to score exactly 21 points (or an instant win) wins. However, the other team will get one additional turn to try and tie.
  • In the event of a tie, play continues until a winner emerges after a round.
  • If a team scores more than 21 points, the points from that turn are deducted, rather than added to their score.

Here is a good video explaination of how to play Kan Jam.

Kan Jam

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