Giant Kerplunk


Enjoy a giant version of this classic game! Renting Giant Kerplunk is a great way to provide an extra wow factor for your event. Guests will try their luck pulling out sticks without allowing the balls to drop. This oversized version stands roughly five feet tall and is the prefect height for people to play while standing comfortably.

If you are feeling nostalgic, you can check out the original Kerplunk commercial from 1993. By special request, we can also bring out a boombox to play the original kerplunk jingle on repeat for the duration of your event.

Our Giant Kerplunk rental works well for both indoor and outdoor events. We generally have paired it up with some of our other giant games such as Giant Connect 4. However, this can also be a great compliment to any of our classic arcade games, as it fits in well with 80s and 90s retro themes.


Giant Kerplunk

rental in Austin, Texas

Single day game rental - Multiday rental discount available

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