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Our parties are always a hit! Are you tired of going to the same birthday party places? Then throw an awesome party at home and let us handle the entertainment. Choose from our birthday party rental packages below, and customize it with optional add-ons until it is just right for you.  

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Choose Your Extras

Choose any extras you'd like to add to your party or *build your own package

*$199 minimum order

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Our birthday party packages are a great choice for both adults and kids 6 years and older. Each rental package includes front door delivery and pickup in the Austin area for a 24hr period. You can extend any birthday rental package for the weekend for just 25% extra.

Arcade Party Package

  • Dig Dug Countertop Arcade
  • Pac-Man Countertop Arcade
  • Space Invaders Countertop Arcade
  • Centipede Countertop Arcade
  • Mini Crane Game
  • Your Choice of small plush, toys, or candy for crane game
  • Front Door Delivery and Pick up in Austin

Arcade II Party Package

  • Asteroids Countertop Partycade
  • Tabletop Digital Pinball Machine
  • Tabletop Pong Arcade Game
  • Tabletop Head-to-Head Fighting Multicade
  • Magna Soccer
  • Fast Sling Puck Game
  • Flipkick Pinball Soccer Game
  • Front Door Delivery and Pick up in Austin

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Are you looking to take your party to the next level? We also offer full event rental inventory for birthday parties. 

See our Game Guide for additional information and details on pricing for all of our games. You can also combine our birthday packages with our traditional rental items in order to bring the best games to you possible. put together a game list yourself and submit online to check availability and book your event.

Tired of celebrating your birthday at the same old locations in Austin? Especially in a Post-Covid-19 world, your own home is one of the best places to have kids birthday parties (and adults too). Game Plan Entertainment is your best stop for all the fun and entertainment you can handle! We can help recreate your favorite local kids party venues in the comfort and safety of your own home. 

We are also happy to work with you to create custom birthday activities around the games of your choice. After more than 10 years in business, we know how to make a fun party for girls, boys, and adults alike.

Our trucks can also bring a variety of great games to wherever you throw your party. Whether you are into classic arcade games, virtual reality, or want to add some fun outdoor lawn games, we have something you and your guests are sure to enjoy.

Home Arcade Package
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