Nerf Gun Party


Our nerf gun birthday party package is a fun activity to add on for any party. It includes 10 nerf guns, an electric target system, plus plastic stackable cups for an additional target. This package was intended for use with the included targets, not for player to player shooting. Here are some great ideas on how to incorporate this nerf gun package into your next party:

Nerf Gun Party Games:

  • Competitive target practice – see who can hit the most electronic targets within one minute.
  • Team target shooting – see which team can knock all 10 cups off of a table in the shortest amount of time.
  • Combination arts and crafts/shooting party – have guests design and create their own targets then get to blasting!
  • Nerf shooting gallery- Set up a series of targets throughout your party space, then see how quickly your guests can make their way through all targets.






*See Space Needed

Space Needed:

10ft by 10ft minimum

Please Note: The nerf gun party package is intended to be used with included targets, not against other people
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