Arcade Birthday Party Package


Our arcade birthday party package includes everything you need to entertain your guests. The arcade package includes 4 classic countertop arcades, a mini-crane game, plus your choice of small toys, plush, or candy for your guests to fish out.

These lovely countertop arcades (or countercades) are everything you love about classic arcade games, only smaller! These games work great placed on any table or countertop. If you are strapped for space, we offer tables with linens as an available option.

The games are all set to free play and only need to be plugged in in order to be ready to go for you and your guests.

Arcade Birthday Party Package Includes:

  • Dig Dug Countertop Arcade
  • Pac-Man Countertop Arcade
  • Space Invaders Countertop Arcade
  • Centipede Countertop Arcade
  • Mini Crane Game
  • Your Choice of small plush, toys, or candy for crane game
  • Front Door Covid-Compliant Delivery and Pick up in Austin
  • Thorough cleaning of all equipment before and after events

If you are unfamiliar with countercades, here is a quick review for the Space Invaders Tabletop Arcade. Arcade1up has done a great job of cloning many of the top classic arcade games of all time and condensing them down into more manageable sizes.

If you are a purist, and would prefer to have the original full size arcade games at your next party, we can help you there as well. Just check out our traditional arcade rental options. Adding any of our traditional arcade games will also add full service setup and breakdown of all items for your party.

Our miniature crane machine helps round out the mini arcade setup and is a great way to turn an ordinary gift bag item into something special that the guests have to earn.

Small trinkets/plush and candy work best, as the crane is not particularly powerful (just like the full size version am I right?).

Each party package includes a mix of small trinkets, plush, or candy for use in the crane game that have been tested to provide the right amount of challenge for your guests.


~3 amps




Roughly 18" H x 13" D x 11" W per game

Space Needed:

Table or Countertop ~2-3ft between games

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