A Few Thoughts on the Wii U

It has been more than half a decade since a major new video game system has been introduced. While the Kinect and Playstation Move are much newer, they are really more tweaks to the existing consoles than they are a new system. This adds up to a lot of pent up anticipation regarding what will be in store for us as the new generation is rolled out.

The Wii U will bring with it many upgrades from Nintendo’s current console. Many of which, are little more than playing catch up with other current generation consoles that have since passed them by. However, there are a few features that just might take off and make the Wii U the frontrunner in the industry once more.

Innovative Controller

The centerpiece of the Wii U system is the new GamePad controller. The hardware itself looks to be somewhat of a hybrid between an iPad and a traditional controller. Game developers have already come up with some creative ways to utilize this new extra screen that are sure to result in some fun new games. Since the current generation, Wii controllers will also be utilized, games will allow for very different experiences for people playing the same game together.

True HD Content

The Wii U Nintendo will finally join its competitors in the HD age with full 1080p video output. While this is not the most exciting news related to the new system, it is nice to know that the new games will take full advantage of our nice new LED TVs.

Fun Event Games

Wii U Sports

Nintendo wrote the book on this type of game, and now it seems that the most popular casual games for each of the three major players is their version of the original Wii Sports. With the Wii U, it seems that Nintendo is looking to utilize its new accessories to enhance some classic titles and add some new ones to the mix.


Music-centered games have always been a staple for many of our past events. Kids love them from the get-go and adults seem to love them even more after a couple of drinks. SiNG will offer a more performance-oriented game by allowing the singer to read the lyrics off of the GamePad and sing directly to the crowd in front of the TV. Rather than just listen though, others will be encouraged to dance along using the other Wii remotes.

Game and Wario

Every console needs a great collection of random mini-games. This game appears to provide just that for the new console. From steering a disco skier down a mountain, to taking the best pictures of a series of digital criminals, it’s hard to think of a more random collection of games. However, it looks to be a fun addition that will lend itself well to a party atmosphere.

We’ll have to wait until this fall to know for sure whether Nintendo’s newest offering will be the next big thing, or a complete flop. But in the meantime, I can say that I’m sure excited to find out.

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